The Fabric Used in These Stools are from Decommissioned Bills

These upholstered stools have a distinct colorful fabric made from an unlikely source -- money. Angela Mathis transformed decommissioned bills into fabric for her project called 'Value.' Mathis thought deeply about this project and assessed what the real value of the physical money we carry is. Mathis believes that money is only worth its material composition, essentially cotton and coin.

As the world continues to digitize, Mathis argues that the tangibility of money isn't necessary for its assigned values. In reversing this notion, Mathis uses the materiality of money as a source of value. Using money as her source, Mathis was not only able to create upholstered stools, but also a diverse textile collection that could be used for a variety of furniture pieces. In creating this unique design, Mathis used American dollars, the purple English pound, brown Indonesian rupees, and the euro.