From Personalized Backyard Pods to Conscientious Wooden Furniture

 - Jan 30, 2016
The top 2015 eco trends reveal emerging innovations in transportation, entertainment and dining that consumers are using to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

As more people embrace simplicity in life, the tiny house movement is booming. Some of the most creative small dwellings include solar-powered Ecocapsule pods, small-size cabins that borrow elements of fairy tale architecture, as well as small houses on wheels that cut living costs.

While downsizing to a tiny house is a rather drastic way to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, many consumers are also embracing urban gardening through kits and indoor plant gardens. Features from plant pots and gardens are also being worked into furniture in order to create more harmony between interiors, furniture and the outdoors.

In addition to highlighting some of the top patterns that are shaping the sustainability movement, the 2016 Trend Report dives into how conscious thinking is reshaping industries related to fashion, food, design and transportation.