Ione Thorkelsson's 'Arboreal Fragments' Mixes Ecology and Design

 - Apr 7, 2015
Manitoba artist Ione Thorkelsson's 'Arboreal Fragments' consists of a cluster of tree trunks fitted with frosty glass inserts. Displayed in the Art Gallery of Canada, 'Arboreal Fragments' captures modern Canadiana. Using the tree trunks of birch trees, Ione cut the middles in half and added frosted lighting. This frosted lighting gives an eerie appeal to the art installation.

Ione Thorkelsson uses twelve birch trees in her Arboreal Fragments art installation to give the appeal of a forest. The trees dangle from the ceiling with all of their branches cut off and destroyed so only the trunk is revealed. This symbolism speaks volumes to the collection and the way it is displayed. Ione Thorkelsson's Arboreal Fragments mix modern technology and mother nature.