From Neon Crocodile Photographs to Holographic Beer Boxes

 - Sep 23, 2015
These psychedelic artworks range in various forms, from fashion-forward editorials of Pamela Anderson at the circus to creative neon-painted human body portraits. The one commonality among these art pieces is the intense use of bright colors.

Whether these hallucinogenic pieces use paint, LED light or fabrics, they are make use of obnoxiously colored materials in creative ways. There is no doubt that the use of color is an ideal way to captivate an audience. For instance, the 'Light Origami' sculpture is actually a life-sized kaleidoscope that invites guests to explore the large dome that produces mass amounts of vibrant lights.

Additionally, these psychedelic artworks can prove to be useful marketing tools when used to create unique product packaging. Both the Blue Point Brewing Company and Bud Light have incorporated the use of loud colors and hypnotic imagery to get products recognized.