The 'Caiman Crocodilus' Series Captures Unique Images of Reptiles

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: & lostateminor
Photographer Andrew McGibbon created the 'Caiman Crocodilus' series, which captures enormous reptiles in psychedelic neon lights. The entire series features four magnificent Caiman crocodiles that are adorably named Dorothy, Mr. Snappy, Desmond and Baby Jeffrey.

Despite their sweet names, the Caiman Crocodilus shows off each beast's large body and gleaming sets of chompers. Each of the portraits captures the creatures in various hues of bright neon lights that range from blue to pink and project rainbow-like themes throughout the cohesive collection of images.

The whole series was made possible with the help of animal psychologist Trevor Smith and reptile specialist Rob Louth. The set included a DIY tank that allowed Andrew McGibbon to snap eye-level images. The images incorporate mist, water and of course the beautiful crocodiles that boast fierce elegance.