From Fruity Fashion Sketches to Contoured Soda Bottles

 - Aug 30, 2015
Portability is a prevalent theme in the top August 2015 art and design ideas. From micro-sized cabins to compact work stations and body art, the ability to easily transport meaningful art and designs is becoming paramount for the modern consumer.

In terms of using the body as a canvas, this includes examples like Tal Peleg's cat-inspired eye makeup, Thomas Mailaender's photography series that features models with tattoo portraits created by the sun, as well as the quirky hand-focused photo series by Ponypork.

As a way to facilitate creation on the go, tools like the Personal Tattoo Machine, the Lightcase Pro and Devide by Rami Santala are serving as easy ways for people to set up, let images or words flow and then pack up again for the next time inspiration hits.