This Lightweight Shelter Blends into the Natural Environment

 - Jul 17, 2015
References: & treehugger
The 'BI(h)OME' is an affordable and lightweight shelter that offers an eco-friendly housing solution. In many urban areas, real estate speculation continues to drive up the price of homes. In response to the shortage of affordable housing, a team of students at UCLA designed a cheap eco-friendly home.

The BI(h)OME is a lightweight shelter that is designed to be built in the backyards of single-family homes. The shelter features wooden-framed walls, with a coating of double-layered recyclable plastic. A series of paper cylinders on the inside help to support the structure and divide the interior area. Inside the home there is a kitchen, a graywater-recycling system and a composting toilet, all of which can function off the grid. The 350-square-foot home is extremely cost-efficient, making it an affordable type of shelter for those with a limited budget.

Not only is the BI(h)OME affordable, but it is also eco-friendly. The unique design of the home helps promote local biodiversity by providing shelter for birds, insects and bats.