Solcer House Generates More Energy Than It Needs

 - Jul 20, 2015
References: & gizmag
Solcer House is an incredibly innovative eco-friendly home, designed by a team from Cardiff University in Wales, that is claimed to be the UK's first low-cost, low-carbon energy-positive house. Able to generate more energy than it uses up, the house was designed using easily available off-the-shelf technologies, with the aim being to show that it isn't necessarily difficult to meet low-carbon targets.

Located in Pyle, Solcer House achieves energy positivity by minimizing energy consumption and by storing excess energy for future use. Electricity can be procured from the grid when needed, but can also be exported back to the grid when there is a surplus. Further reducing energy needs are features such as thermal insulation, external insulation and low-emissivity windows and doors.

Solcer House is truly an incredible feat of eco-friendly engineering, with the most impressive factor being the inclusion of off-the-shelf technologies, proving that sustainable building is doable.