The Yo! Home Apartments Combine Multiple Rooms Into One

 - Jul 21, 2015
References: yo & gizmag
The Yo! Home is an incredibly interesting and innovative apartment devised by Yo! Company, which prides itself on coming up with ways for urban dwellers to enjoy homes that don't require them to take up a whole bunch of space and shell out incorrigible amounts of money. This apartment is notable for making excellent use of very limited space.

The most fascinating design aspect of the Yo! Home is that its bed can be raised to the ceiling when not in use. In addition to saving space, this also means the bed becomes an unconventional ceiling and light fixture. It can be raised and lowered using a motor, but can also be moved manually in the event of a power outage.

The Yo! Home is truly an accomplishment in space-saving design. With Yo! Company looking to build blocks of such apartments, you're sure to hear more about this wonderfully innovative project.