From Suspended Splinter Staircases to Illuminated Floral Staircases

 - Aug 9, 2015
These unusual staircase designs turn traditional homes into works of art. While stairs are generally thought of in terms of their functionality, this basic structure can also serve as a unique focal point. These contemporary staircase designs demonstrate that this ordinary household feature can be both functional and decorative.

One of the major innovations in staircase designs is the shift away from traditional shapes. Architects have begun moving away from conventional staircase layouts in order to experiment with unique shapes and structures. Some of these unusual staircase designs include floating steps, angular pathways and staggering spiral shapes.

Beyond shapes, many contemporary staircase designs are made from unique and unorthodox building materials. By using unconventional materials, architects can turn a standard set of stairs into a visual focal point. Some of these unorthodox materials include heavy-duty concrete, splintered wood and even live plants.