This Renovated Attic is Accessed by a Steel Staircase

 - Jul 30, 2014
References: & dezeen
Design studio Five AM completed a renovated attic design for a house in Belgium.

Entry to the attic is provided by a delicate metal staircase. The thin staircase excludes the first riser and turns a corner to ascend along the wall. At the top, a rectangular space sits underneath the pitched mansard roof. Sleeping accommodations are located at the opposite end.

The project earns its name, 'Isle of Water,' through the solidly-surfaced box which houses a bathroom. The box's walls stop short before the ceiling, allowing the inhabitants privacy without segregating the room. The architects explain, "As the owner wanted an open and airy feeling, we designed a monolithic white box that doesn't reach the ceiling. The height delivers the privacy when needed, but makes it still possible to interact with each other."