Manual Stair Lift Makes an Affordable Alternative to a Domestic Chair Lift

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: maximilianbrueck & tuvie
There is a major gap in the market where mobility aids are concerned, and this manual stair lift would fill it nicely if the concept were to go into production. Playfully dubbed the Luke Stairwalker, this device can be installed easily along any straight staircase, without the exorbitant costs associated with electric stairlifts and even elevators.

Maximilian Brück, Alexander Abele and Jens Eisele thought up a basic brace that would be a wonderfully efficient use of space and material. The ergonomic contraption comprises a backrest seat, a handlebar and a track, which clips onto a special handrail that the user must mount on his wall. An elderly or disabled person who requires minimal but necessary support while ascending or descending will position himself between the U-shaped bar. The single-direction rack keeps him safe and stable from step to step, and safety buttons can stop the manual stair lift instantly.