From Transforming Hybrid Bikes to Fruity Toddler Tricycles

 - Oct 27, 2015
Many of these examples of tricycles and bicycles for kids may not start off in familiar forms. Knowing that it won't be long before a child is able to wheel around on their own, designs like the Growing Stroller, the Smart Trike and Pivo take this into consideration with transformative, multipurpose designs. A kids grow even older, this theme can also be seen in adaptable bicycles and tricycles, such as the Infento, the Growing Bike and most impressively, the eight-in-one LegGo bike.

Before moving onto more complex models, kids learn balance and motor skills on their own from balancing bikes, or with assistance from a tricycle. One design that completely redefines these familiar shapes is the Spherovelo, which positions the training wheels at the midpoint of the cycle, encouraging a child to rely on the strength of their own legs to propel them forward.