From Needs-Friendly Shopping Carts to Mobility-Enhancing Animal Devices

 - Apr 1, 2016
These wheelchair designs help physically disabled people get around easier and accomplish daily tasks. Many utilize new technologies and materials to enhance mobility, while others are intended to give the wheelchair-bound a fuller life by giving them more opportunities. This includes athletics-optimized wheelchairs and off-roading vehicles.

3D printing is a new technology that has great potential when it comes to wheelchair designs. This can be seen, so far, with small humans (kid-friendly) as well as canine friends who are injured or missing limbs. In the future, 3D printing could significantly cut down costs on full-sized chairs and make accessibility more accessible.

When it comes to participating in sports, wheelchair designs can be optimized for off-road conditions, mountain biking and even skiing.

Other everyday adjustments include fitness tracking, stair climbing and communication improving.