This Double Wheelchair Was Created for China's Double Ninth Festival

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: shanghaiist
79-year-old Xu Suobao created this custom double wheelchair for him and his wife, and the story is being broadcast in China in honor of the Double Ninth Festival.

The Double Ninth Festival is the traditional Chinese holiday that celebrates elders. To mark the occasion, Chinese people go on long hikes, drink chrysanthemum liquor and pay tribute to their ancestors and elders. For Xu Suobao, the Double Ninth Festival is also an occasion to showcase the wonderful wheelchair he built for his wife, Zhoushu.

To build the custom wheelchair, Suobao attached a rolling platform to the hind wheels of his wife's standard wheelchair. He then secured an ordinary chair to the platform, creating a kind of sidecar or tandem wheelchair. This is a heartwarming example of an individual person innovating in order to meet a need that large companies and producers have completely overlooked.