The Sway Recreational Vehicle Imitates the Act of Carving Through Snow

 - Dec 14, 2013
It's the off-season and you miss the feeling of carving down snowy ski hills since the temperature rose. The Sway Recreational Vehicle has been designed to recreate that experience on dry pavement, tiding over alpine enthusiasts until the winter months return.

Looking slightly like a stretcher, the lightweight seat of Suo Jing's Sway sits upon a reverse tricycle chassis. The battery-powered conveyance has been engineered such that it responds to the sitters movements in order to initiate steering. Simply lean to the left or to the right in the Sway Recreational Vehicle and it will snake through flat and hilly streets as tightly or loosely as you wish. The 2013 Red Dot Design Award winning concept would also be ideal for use by wheelchair-bound people who cannot otherwise experience the slopes.