From Adaptable Alpine Jackets to Navigating Ski Gloves

 - Jan 8, 2015
Those with a love of the outdoors and a thrill for speed will be in the market for some winter adventuring gear this season.

We all have our own ways of dealing with winter. Some of us prefer to hibernate in the comfort of our own homes, drinking copious amounts of tea and cursing the cold with a very dramatic shake of the fist towards the sky. Meanwhile, other people welcome the snow (and the cold) as an opportunity to engage in some fun winter sports. To each, their own!

If you're the latter type, you won't be lacking for cool winter gear that will keep you warm, stylish and better prepared. Take, for instance, the 'X-Plore.XGX,' a pair of GPS-enabled ski gloves that also track your progress on the slopes.