These Assistive Devices Ensure Wheelchair Mobility Anywhere

 - Jul 9, 2015
Biking, walking the dog and climbing a set of stairs are all activities that are first associated with able-bodied individuals, but a number of enhanced device designs are emerging to provide better wheelchair mobility for these tasks.

Since much of the world has yet to ensure public accessibility in all places, wheelchair designs like Mountain Trikes' MT Evo and the Scalevo are being created to ensure that scaling mountains and stairs is no longer impossible.

The Ziesel Off-Road Vehicle from Mattro Mobility Revolutions and the HexHog Sion Pierce are some of the most extreme examples of assistive mobility devices, making it possible for people of all abilities to take on daring off-road and all-weather adventures. These examples of wheelchair mobility prove that having a disability is no longer an obstacle that stands in the way of living an active life.