The Adagio+ Has Been Developed for Optimal Adaptable Ergonomics

 - Feb 13, 2015
References: tuvie
The designer of this dynamic wheelchair has sympathy for the fact that its users have little ambulatory abilities. Instead of creating a stiff structure for constant sitting, Akram Ben Amor has come up with a more flexible assembly.

The goal was to make the mechanics of this assistive seat as simple as possible––but perhaps it doesn't look that way. This is just because the equipment is capable of a great range of motion, requiring it to have a great number of hinges, joints and a few knobs and levers to modify its overall arrangement. The owner of this dynamic wheelchair is not bound to sitting straight up all day. The yellow Adagio+ can be reclined, the foot supports can be raised and he can comfortably and conveniently have a nap right where he is.