The Optimo Reconfigures for Its User to Change Position

 - Mar 17, 2015
References: yankodesign
There are so many wonderful things about the design of this conceptual convertible wheelchair, all involving its capacity to be modified. Unlike the conventional assistive seat on wheels, this one doesn't keep its user bound to a seated position, but rather supports him or her with the option of standing or resting low with legs outstretched.

The Optimo wheelchair gives people with some physical disabilities the aid necessary for having conversations at even eye level and reaching for objects placed at some height. The inclusion of a joystick type of control makes it easy to modify the arrangement of the hinged seat in relation to the floor. To give the owner more freedom still, the designer has proposed an associated compact car in which his convertible wheelchair becomes the driver's seat. It's about time the electric wheelchair gets a revamp.