'sciLeash' is a Hands-Free Wheelchair Attachment for Dog Walking

 - May 26, 2015
References: myorochi & kickstarter
The 'Orochi sciLeash' is a specially designed wheelchair attachment that provides users with a hands-free solution for walking a dog. Creator Brian Nguyen recognized that wheelchair users like himself needed to keep their hands free in order to control their wheelchair, but this situation made tasks such as holding a dog leash nearly impossible. Nguyen noticed that the fear of twisted axles and tangled lines prevented many wheelchair users from safely walking their beloved four-legged friends.

Nguyen's solution to this common problem comes in the form of two retractable leashes positioned well above the wheels and axles to prevent any tangling of lines. The leash is connected to a 360 degree adapter that allows for easy control. The sciLeash is also equipped with a quick-release pin to prevent a dog from dragging the wheelchair if it were to topple over.

The innovate design of this wheelchair attachment offers a safer and hassle-free solution for walking dogs with ease.