This Electric Wheelchair Has Revolutionary Smart Safety Features

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: permobilus & techtimes
This electric wheelchair is the logical next step in assisted mobility technology.

The smart electric wheelchair from Permobil and AT&T connects to the Internet to offer a variety of enhanced safety features. The connected electric wheelchair can generate its own diagnostic texts. By tapping into cellular networks, it can alert the user of fire signals in the area -- a potentially life-saving feature for people with mobility issues and who may not be able to use all exits.

If needed, it can also be programmed to track the location of the wheelchair and send data back to the user's loved ones. A smart accelerometer tracks the speed of the device and can tell whether it is upright or has been knocked over. Although all of these features may seem simple and obvious, this new electric wheelchair -- an update on Permobil's existing non-connected F5 model -- will be revolutionary in its field.