The Freewheel Wheelchair Keeps Tabs on Your Physical Activity

 - Aug 17, 2015
References: chaoticmoon & gizmag
Creative technology studio Chaotic Moon has developed the Freewheel, a wheelchair that is designed to keep tabs on users' physical activity.

As the Freewheel user moves around, an array of sensors measures things like distance, speed, acceleration incline and decline and collates it in an app. The data can also be combined with other wearables to provide an understanding of the user's overall physical activity.

The Freewheel chair is currently in prototype stage, but could offer some great implications down the road. In addition to helping improve users' fitness, data procured by the Freewheel could even be used to create extremely detailed terrain mapping, which can help people find less strenuous routes -- while possibly giving clues as to where accessibility needs to be improved.