The SmartDrive MX2 is a Wheelchair Attachment with Cruise Control

 - Sep 23, 2015
References: max-mobility & gizmag
Made to provide an extra little boost, the SmartDrive MX2 in an electrical drive that easily attaches and powers almost any non-electric wheelchair.

Designed to propel a wheelchair over steep or difficult-to-traverse surfaces, the 'SmartDrive MX2' uses a simple push-to-go cruise control system that maintains the speed the user builds up while pushing the wheel. Once the brakes on the wheel chair are tapped, the device will also automatically stop providing an extra boost of speed. The device also has an anti-rollback feature to prevent the wheelchair from rolling backwards when stopped on hills.

The 12.5-pound wheelchair attachment comes with a built-in motor that can reach speeds of 5.5 miles per hour, and a battery that can travel up 12 miles at a time on a single charge.