From Vision-Enhancing Eyewear to Virtual Reality Home Gyms

 - Jul 25, 2015
Highlighting innovations from all industries, these top July tech 2015 trends showcase relevant tech-powered progressions that are sure to shape the future.

An innovation that falls in line with several movements within the health and fitness realm, virtual reality home gyms promise to elevate at-home workout routines to the next level. Symbolic of the consumer desire for fitness regimes that feels like fun, VR-powered workouts can help hesitant individuals carve out a routine and stick to it.

Additionally, smart skincare devices prove that the beauty world isn't all tonics and potions. Way is a beauty device that collects and analyzes data regarding your skin and especially in relation to one's environment.

Finally, interactive retail mirrors promise to add a high-tech element of customization the dreaded fitting room process while speeding up the experience altogether.