These Futuristic Hearing Aids are Designed for the Modern Consumer

 - Jun 26, 2015
References: eargo & techcrunch
'Eargo' has launched a new line of invisible hearing aids that are designed to appeal to younger consumers who may be suffering from hearing loss. Founded by French surgeon Dr. Florent Michel and his son Raphael Miche, the company aims to fight the stigma attached to hearing aids.

The invisible hearing aids are made from small pieces of medical-grade silicon, which suspend the tiny speaker inside of your ear. The use of these flexi fibers allows certain sound waves to pass through the ear drum, meaning the speaker only has to amplify those frequencies that they have trouble hearing. The Eargo hearing device comes in two sizes and has four adjustable settings. One side can even be set louder than the other in order to compensate for the wearer's unique hearing needs.

With nearly 48 million people in the US suffering from hearing loss, the Eargo device is a modern and affordable option for the contemporary consumer.