- Aug 14, 2015
These high-tech hearing innovations help individuals living with hearing impairments overcome some of the challenges they face each day. With an increasing portion of the population facing hearing loss, these innovative devices are crucial for helping these individuals navigate daily life.

One of the biggest challenges for deaf individuals is communication. While some people may understand sign language, not everyone is equipped with this skill. To help bridge the gap between the deaf and the hearing, there are a number of devices that can be used to supplement conversations. Some of these devices include audible translating systems, conversation captioning apps and sign language-translating devices.

There are also devices designed for those who are not deaf, but still suffer from severe hearing loss. For example, there are cushioned wake up calls that use vibrations to rouse an individual from a deep sleep. There are also smartphone compatible hearing aids and smart wireless earbuds that help enhance environmental sound and noise.

From Deaf Danger Apps to Musical Vibration Collars: