Even's H2 Headphones Produce Sound Based on One's Hearing Abilities

 - Jul 27, 2017
References: digitaltrends & techcrunch
A headphone start-up in Israel has introduced the H2 Headphones, an innovative audio accessory that features a design that is tailored specifically to the listener's hearing.

Ear bud technology is relatively new, so the research available to outline the negative effects of listening to music too loudly is limited. 'Even' aims to ensure no one experiences prematurely damaged ears by creating a customized audio experience.

The concept begins with a quick audio test that analyzes the specific frequencies the wearer can hear in either ear. This data is then compiled into a personalized "ear profile." The algorithm aims to understand the limits of one's upper and lower hearing and provide feedback in the form of a listening device that plays at levels comfortable for one's unique ears.