From Smartphone-Created Magazines to Social Media-Style Covers

 - Jan 27, 2018
People don't often think about print in 2017, but the 2017 print trends reveal an interesting truth about the legacy industry as it exists today. None would argue that today, the internet is a far more important landscape for virtually any publisher, however, not all publications are opting to eliminate print entirely. In fact, the importance of the internet for written content has had the opposite effect: the publications that do indeed remain in print have no choice but to innovate in order to stay relevant and interesting to the average consumer.

The 2017 print trends extend to both publications and the ads therein. For publications, new magazines and periodicals reflect the demographics and interests of modern consumers, with things like vegan lifestyle and LGBT issues coming to the fore. Ads have had to get even more creative than usual to catch attention as well, with humor being one of the most noticeable tendencies.