The Evian Oversize Campaign Features Babies in Over-Sized Clothing

 - May 25, 2017
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The 'Evian Oversize' campaign is encouraging consumers to see the world through a more youthful perspective in the latest installment of the brand's 'Live Young' campaign, which launched in 2009.

The print ad features a group of babies in over-sized clothes, meant to represent youthful versions of people from business men, to famous sports stars, like Lydia Ko, or Stan Wawrinka. The over-arching message of the ads reminds consumers that youth belongs to everyone. In addition to this ad, Evian will be teaming up with street wear brand RAD, who will be producing over sized clothing for adults with the water bottles branding.

Evian Oversize is the 7th installment of the water brand's Live Young campaign, a campaign which reinvents itself year after year, speaking to it's theme of eternal, everlasting youth.