Morimo Tactile Sound Module Lets You Literally Feel Your Music

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: & yankodesign
When you consider a virtuoso like Beethoven, you can appreciate how music can affect all people, even the hearing impaired. The Mórimo Tactile Sound Module has been designed to provide an unparallelled physical experience of encountering the auditory medium by having rhythm and amplitude literally touch your skin.

Justyna Zubrycka of Poland had deaf children in mind when she developed this tangible speaker. The idea is that a musical instrument or a personal music player device could be connected to this body-embracing structure, transferring the melodies into palpable vibrations. An audio interface and amplified transducers would be worked in beneath the the flexible membrane that's stretched across a wooden frame. The user would lean back against the Mórimo Tactile Sound Module to receive a unique sensory experience of songs, noises and beats.