From Jellybean Bluetooth Speakers to Wooden Speaker Boxes

 - Jun 29, 2015
There is always a way to bring music wherever you go with portable music players. Instead of using headphones that cut you off from the rest of the world, these handy speakers let you bring your tunes to barbecues, parks and beach outings so that everyone can enjoy the music.

There are speakers specifically designed for adventurers to take hiking, camping and even kayaking. 'Roll' designed by Ultimate Ears is a durable speaker that can handle all the bumps that come with these activities and it is also waterproof.

When the mood calls for a more romantic setting such as an evening picnic, the Fern & Roy antique wooden cube speakers will add a touch of elegance and enhance the rustic vibes. Speakers can be integrated into existing items like coolers or they can come in the form of a small wearable subwoofer. Portable music players let you embrace the tunes no matter where you are.