The Cozy Libratone Wireless Speakers Stylishly Match Home Decor

 - Jan 18, 2014
References: libratone
The cozy colored ‘Libratone Zipp’ global wireless speakers by Libratone Inc are so incredibly beautifully designed, one would never guess that speakers were zipped inside the sleeve. Winning the prestigious 2013 Good Design Award for ‘Design Excellence,’ the award-winning ‘Zipp’ is on display in the Department of Architecture and Design at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Libratone happily marries high quality speakers with extraordinary modern design. Say goodbye to clunky old black boxy in-home speakers! Libratone offers vibrantly colored speakers wrapped in Italian wool sleeves. The Libratone Zipp was inspired by modern home decor and quality sound technology, and the fusion of the two conceived a flawless product. Fully-portable battery powered or in-home units are available. Libratone carries a wide range of stylish products to match home decor- such as sound bars, smaller units and multi-room units.

The classy yet modern design of the Libratone Zipp is unlike any other wireless speaker design on the market.