From Smart Toilet Paper Holders to Phone-Charging Wallets

 - Jan 3, 2015
This list of the top 2014 gadget trends features a wide variety of products that are perfect for today's millennials who love to multitask. Wallets that also charge your smartphone, watches that help you check your email and clocks that double as works of art are among the big gadget trends of 2014. The overarching trend appears to be the development of gadgets that can perform seemingly unrelated functions, allowing consumers to minimize the number of separate gadgets they have to carry around.

As is the case with the related technology fields of computing and robotics, the gadget market is expanding at a phenomenal rate with gadgets becoming incredibly niche and focused in their functions. This is unsurprising seeing as how many gadgets do indeed interface with computers and robots, and often function as such themselves.

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