The FLIR One iPhone Case Debuted at CES 2014 & Navigates the Dark

 - Jan 8, 2014
References: techcrunch
The new FLIR One iPhone Case puts military level technology in your hands. Available next spring, this iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S case will allow you to use heat-sensing technology to see in the dark. For those who don't know, FLIR creates and sells thermal imaging for the military and law enforcement. I imagine you can use this case to play some pretty intense games of hide and seek at night.

Once you purchase the $350 FLIR One iPhone Case, you then must purchase the accompanying app. On the case, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, are two cameras. One generates the thermal image, and another generates and overlays outlines, making it easier to recognize things. It also has a built-in battery that keeps the camera going for up to two hours and can recharge your phone when you don’t have a charger on hand.