From Mason Jar Measuring Cups to Stylish Bicycle Sidecars

 - Dec 24, 2015
As the holiday season approaches, these gift ideas for hipsters are sure to provide some shopping inspiration. Many hipsters pride themselves on their dedication to counter-culture and all things vintage. As a result, these gift ideas are anything but mainstream.

For many hipster men, well-groomed facial hair is an absolute must. This means that artisanal shaving kits and handcrafted mustache combs make perfect gifts for hairy hipster dudes.

Beyond keeping up their perfectly quaffed appearance, hipsters have a very specific lifestyle to uphold. To help them keep up with the latest bands, you might want to purchase some retro music equipment such as a vertical vinyl player or a brick record player. If vinyl is too hard to find, something as simple as a set of mason jar measuring cups is sure to please the hipster in your life.

With so many options to choose from, these gift ideas for hipsters are sure to delight even your most cynical pals.