Coffer's Carbonated Coffee is a Cold and Bubbly Caffeinated Treat

 - Mar 20, 2015
References: drinkcoffer & grubstreet
Based in Austin, Coffer is the world's first naturally carbonated coffee brand. The natural fermentation process means a smoother cold brew and is what sets Coffer apart.

The coffee-soda hybrid is an intriguing convergence of the cold brew coffee movement and the influence of SodaStream. However, Coffer differs from other carbonated coffees in its production process, choosing to avoid both force-carbonating the product and simply mixing cold brew with soda water. Coffer's method sees the carbonation process happen naturally through fermentation during a natural aging process.

Coffer's cold brew carbonated coffee can be enjoyed on its own, over ice cream or mixed into cocktails. Currently, Coffer is only available at a handful of local retailers within Texas, but the brand is working on national expansion within the US.