From Imitation Cheese Spreads to Vegan Cheesecake Tarts

 - Jan 29, 2016
In addition to serving as healthy and nutritious alternatives to traditional dairy, almond milk products are now emerging beyond the beverage aisles.

Now that there are plenty of brands to buy almond milk from, many health-conscious consumers have embraced nut milks as dairy replacements in pre-packaged goods. For instance, almond milk is now being used as a base in everything from yogurts and cheese to ricotta and whipped mousse desserts, which speaks to the versatility of almond milk as an addition to many types of food products.

In the beverage category, almond milk is being used as a go-to dairy-free option for products like vegan eggnog and coffee creamer. For even more flavor and versatility, these nuts are being combined with other all-natural ingredients and nut types, much to the delight of vegans and those who adhere to dairy-free diets.