This Dairy-Free Treat is Perfect for Vegans and Those with Dairy Allergies

 - Nov 16, 2015
References: huffingtonpost & bustle
Ben and Jerry's recently announced that it will be releasing a dairy-free version of its famous ice cream in order to accommodate vegans and those with dairy allergies. The announcement comes after thousands of people signed an online petition for the company to begin offering a dairy-free alternative.

The new line of vegan ice cream will be made from almond milk, which will give the dessert a dairy-free base. Almond milk was chosen over soy milk, cashew milk and other nut milks because it lends itself well to the kind of decadent flavors that Ben and Jerry's is known for. As a result, vegans and those with milk allergies will finally be able to enjoy classic Ben and Jerry's treats such as Phish Food and Chunky Monkey.

Although there is no word on when the vegan-friendly ice cream will hit store shelves, the company says that consumers can expect the product sometime in 2016.