From Empowering Web Magazines to Body Positive Food Blogs

 - Apr 27, 2016
These examples of feminist fringe culture range from body positive food blogs to celebrity feminist newsletters that empower women while informing them about their favorite media personalities. Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has gained attention for her female-empowering activism on more than one occasion and is the head of her own feminist literature organization that connects female fans with a passion for reading.

Celebrities following a similar path include GIRLS creator and actress Lena Dunham whose personalized newsletter shares daily news and trending topics along with style, health and relationship tips for Millennial women.

Other examples of feminist fringe culture include female-empowering sporting events like Nike's Nike Women race that was recently hosted in 20 cities across the globe and empowering tech festivals like 'Tekla,' an educational music event launched by Swedish singer Robyn.