From Low-Calorie Dessert Pints to Keto Diet Energy Bars

 - Apr 17, 2017
These alternatively sweetened snack options range from crunchy cashew clusters to Keto diet energy bars that are high in protein and stevia-infused, replacing traditional sugar additives with a lower calorie option.

When it comes to snack bars that are ideal for on-the-go enjoyment, standouts include Primal Joy's Paleo protein bar range. These bars are not only 100% organic but are also infused with superfood ingredients and antioxidants. Furthermore, vegan soy biscuits like those offered by Misura replace traditional sugars with honey sweeteners and are a healthy option for the whole family.

Additional examples of naturally sweetened snacks include Rhythm Superfood's beet chips which are infused with cinnamon and coconut sugar for added flavor. Similarly, Arjuna's ginger snack bars also feature a coconut sugar ingredient boost and are inspired by snacks native to Indonesia.