O12 Nutrition's Bars Have Names to Express the Strength of Plant Proteins

 - Mar 17, 2017
References: o12icecream & packagingoftheworld
While there are many nutrition bars that contain nut proteins, there are few that emphasize the strength of these plant-based nutrients quite like O12 Nutrition.

'Almond Slam,' 'Hazelnut Pump' and 'Peanut Burpee' are a trio of low-calorie, sugar-free and vitamin-rich protein bars from O12 Nutrition that play up the link between nuts as a source of nutrition in relation to sports or working out.

Consumers, whether they are athletic or not, are now looking for quick and easy protein snacks that can be eaten on the go. As well as expressly appealing to active individuals, others will enjoy the flavorful chocolate-covered snack bars as a source of on-the-go nutrition and nourishment.

O12 Nutrition also produces an all-natural protein-rich ice cream that is suitable for vegetarian consumers.