From Biodegradable Seagrass Packaging to Vibrant Fruit Snacks

 - Apr 30, 2017
April 2017 packaging trends reveal an array of burgeoning patterns related to health and eco-conscious industries.

Food packaging is one of the largest contributors to the excessive waste that can be seen littering the world's landfills and oceans, and brands are slowly turning to biodegradable packaging in order to not contribute further to this issue. Felix Pottinger's biodegradable seagrass packaging is one such example, with the material being made out of washed up seagrass that is cultivated to offer useful and eco-friendly food products for brands.

In the health industry, the brand Kind Snacks is now offering a new nutritious product titled Fruit Bites. The new food product is packaged in vividly colored packs that reflect its wholesome ingredients in large font – ensuring that consumers are aware of its healthy qualities while also being able to capture consumer attention with its bold branding.