These Popcorn Boxes Reveal a Peek at the Product Through a Window

These playful popcorn box designs from Popcorn Shed take the form of houses with windows that reveal a peek at the flavored snacks inside.

Varieties include Pecan Pie, Salted Caramel and Rich Chocolate, each of which is represented with a house of a different color scheme. The theme of housing is carried through to all aspects of the branding, including the logo, with the "O" and the "E" of Popcorn Shed transformed into an ornate key. This is a perfect fit for the brand's slogan, which describes the product as being a "Secret Family Recipe."

Side-by-side, the Popcorn Shed packages form a village of houses, making them desirable to sample and gift in groups. Other promotional images for the popcorn depict small figurines interacting with the flavorful, large-scale popcorn kernels.