- Apr 2, 2017
These April 2017 food products range from biodynamic breakfast cereals to exotic fruit Easter eggs. When it comes to this year's most notable Easter confections, candy manufacturers are upping the ante with spectacular offerings that embody luxury while satisfying the sweet tooth of consumers.

Some standouts include geode and crystal-inspired confections along with edible gold sweets that are surprisingly affordable and available in one's grocery store. When looking at the month's healthy snack options, memorable product offerings include matcha-covered chocolate strawberries along with non-GMO ice pops that boast a blend of naturally sourced, tropical flavors.

When looking at other notable examples that fuse health with convenience, DIY salad kits, aloe vera yogurts and crispy fruit snacks are all ideal for those looking to snack while on the go.

From Biodynamic Breakfast Cereals to Exotic Fruit Easter Eggs: