Chocolat de Kissho's Japanese Sweets Boast Traditional Kimono Patterns

 - Feb 28, 2017
References: choco-kissho & en.rocketnews24
A collaboration between pastry chef Tomomi Chiba and fourth-generation hand-painted kimono dyeing master Hiorya Yoshikawa resulted in a gorgeous collection of Japanese sweets from Chocolat de Kissho for Valentine's Day.

Artwork for the chocolates was provided by an artist from a company in Kyoto, Japan that has more than a century of dyeing the traditional Japanese garment in the Yuzen style. Naturally, each intricate design matched a distinctly Japanese flavor, such as White Miso, Kyo-Matcha, Sakura, Japanese Sake and more.

The "Kissho" patterns on the tops of the chocolates were said to bring good fortune, which makes them even more valuable as gifts. The Chocolat de Kissho sets were available in packs of three and eight through Japanese department stores and special events.