From Sakura Blossom Tea Blends to Matcha Donut Collections

 - Oct 18, 2017
These Asian flavor innovations range from Sakura blossom teas to matcha donut collections that combine indulgent and nutritious ingredients. When looking at Asian flavors in dessert form, standouts include La Floraison's flower jelly confections. The sweets are inspired by Japan's popular raindrop cakes, and are both aesthetically pleasing and delicious thanks to flavors like sakura jelly and coconut.

When looking at drinkable products, standouts include Labnosh's meal replacement range. The Korea-based brand offers sweet potato, milk tea, and green cereal flavors among other more traditional options like strawberry and vanilla.

For those seeking a savory Asian flavor experience, examples like Doritos' wasabi chips celebrate the sushi-paired condiment, while dark miso ramen bowls feature bamboo charcoal as an unexpected starring ingredient.