Ippei-chan's Instant Fried Noodles are Dessert-Flavored

 - Nov 28, 2016
References: en.rocketnews24 & thedailymeal
Instant noodle flavors tend to fall into relatively homogeneous categories like teriyaki or miso, but Ippei-chan's new noodle flavor takes the ready-made dish into an entirely different food category. The brand's new instant yakisoba noodles are made to taste like strawberry shortcake.

As if dessert noodles weren't interesting enough on their own, Ippei-chan hasn't strayed entirely from its original noodle flavoring. The new Yakisoba noodles are still flavored with the standard beef sauce, however the product comes with fruit paste, mango chutney, and vanilla added in. The noodles themselves are then topped with dried vanilla-flavored mayonnaise, strawberries, yogurt cubes, and sugar sprinkles.

Though noodles are typically served as an entree, Ippei-chan is combining the main course with the dish that comes next with these yakisoba noodles.