From Narrative Gin Labels to Transparent Pasta Boxes

 - Feb 8, 2017
These examples of ingredient-revealing packaging range from narrative gin labels to pasta boxes that boast transparent elements. Standouts include NICE Mint's illustrated bottle concept -- each bottle reveals the organic fruit inside with color-coded labels -- as well as Twinings' recent re-branding effort which aims to redefine the brand's image as one that is more health and wellness-focused.

By embracing a more honest approach to marketing, both established and independent brands are looking to target consumers who value quality and authenticity. These ingredient-revealing packaging examples do just that by spotlighting fresh and local ingredients with the help of strategic design details and eye-catching labels.

Whether relying on ingredient illustrations, bold typography or modern packaging, food and beverage brands are adopting a transparent marketing model in an effort to appeal to a more conscious, Millennial consumer.