The Snack Smart Co. Snacks are Packed with Nuts and Seeds

 - Dec 18, 2016
References: melbruning & packageinspiration
Snacks have shifted away from chips and other unhealthy ingredients in favor of more natural stuff, which is evident with The Snack Smart Co. snacks that are formulated as a truly healthier alternative. Packed with various seeds, nuts and dried fruits, the snacks are packaged in resealable pouches that make them ideal for travel purposes or simply enjoying when on-the-go.

The snacks feature a branding aesthetic that is tied to the ingredients and theme of the snack itself. This includes various aquatic images for the Sea Breeze variety and quintessential beach imagery for the Tropical option, amongst several others.

The Snack Smart Co. snacks are focused on natural energy sources to help provide protein and fiber without the crash that unhealthy snacks can cause.